Friday, 9 July 2010

Feedback from S2-37

Quality of lip syncing:
lip syncing was really good, made video interesting to watch

Editing choices:
close ups of guitar with juxtaposition of two guiys worked really well, split it up

The computer screens in the background all playing the video at the same time were good.

Camerawork: it was good, the close-ups of the guitar were effective.


Quality of the lip syncing
Lip synching was excellent. Facial expressions also suited the song and made it look very realistic.

Really liked the cuts at the start of the song when the riff began. Editing was also in sync with the music, which added emphasis to the powerful guitar melody.

Not a real guitar or suitable setting but this doesn't matter as it was just the preliminary and focused on lip syncing.

Good variety of shots - eg low angle of guitarist. Could add close ups of fretboard.


Don't like the fact that the 1st part is in a class room
could of been filmed outside or on the stage

But we like the video in the background and the lip synching
The acting was very good

Sam could of had darker top on

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Film and Music poster Analysis

Final One Minute Music Video

This lesson I completed our One Minute Music Video. There were little if no problems while I edited the video, and I learnt how to view the woundwaves on the audio files.

Here is the video, enjoy....

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Music Video

Music Video Ideas:

- a mixture between animation and reality.
- black and white/colour
- lip syncing
- Outfits
- Quick editing
- slow motion
- reversed motion
- extreme camera angles
- green screening

However we have concluded that we will view this task as a hurdle that must be jumped and will just be lip syncing.
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